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Ginei Studios, a distinguished however broke motion-picture studio is being taken apart as well as TELEVISION recruiter Genya Tachibana tracks down its finest known star, Chiyoko Fujiwara, for an occupation retrospective interview. Thirty years prior, she relinquished acting and has actually been a monk ever since. When they meet, Tachibana provides her a crucial he thinks she lost at the studio, which creates Chiyoko to review her job. As she's informing her life story, Tachibana as well as Kyoji Ida, his cameraman, are drawn in.
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The trick was offered to her as a teenager by a painter and also revolutionary that she helped escape from the authorities. After his departure, she makes a decision to end up being a movie actress in hopes that he will certainly see one of her films. This takes place for years and also Chiyoko ends up being very well-known. In spite of not hearing from the mystical painter, she doesn't lose hope. Ultimately, among the policemen who was after the revolutionary painter, pertains to her and excuses his battle crimes. Genya, who at the time was working as an aide at the workshop, learns through him that the painter was tortured as well as killed after his apprehension. Yet regardless of unknowning this, Chiyoko abandons her search since she had actually obtained old and also desired him to bear in mind her as the gorgeous lady she once was. During the interview, an earthquake strikes which upsets Chiyoko's fragile wellness. On her medical facility deathbed, she tells Genya that in spite of never ever seeing the man once more, she recognized that just what she liked had not been the man however the search for him.

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