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Tim Burton's Corpse Bride

In an undefined Victorian-era village someplace in Europe, Victor Van Dort (Johnny Depp), the boy of nouveau riche fish sellers, and also Victoria Everglot (Emily Watson), the ignored little girl of unfriendly aristocrats, are preparing for their prepared marriage, which will concurrently increase the social class of Victor's parents and restore the riches of Victoria's destitute family. Both have issues about marrying somebody they do not know, yet after meeting for the first time, they fall for each various other. After the timid Victor damages the wedding celebration rehearsal by forgetting his swears as well as is scolded by Priest Galswells (Christopher Lee), he gets away and practices his wedding event promises in the close-by woodland, putting the wedding event ring on a nearby upturned tree root.

The origin ends up being the finger of a murdered woman in a ragged wedding apparel, who climbs from the severe declaring that she is now Victor's other half. After collapsing, Victor wakes up as well as finds out he was spirited away to the surprisingly cheery Land of the Dead. The bewildered Victor learns the story of how Emily (Helena Bonham Carter), his new bride-to-be, was killed years earlier by an unidentified bad guy on the night of her secret elopement. Emily, as a wedding celebration gift, reunites Victor with his long-dead canine, Scraps. Meanwhile, Victoria's moms and dads listen to that Victor has been seen in one more female's arms, and also become suspicious.

Wanting to reunite with Victoria, Victor methods Emily right into taking him back to the Land of the Living by pretending he desires her to satisfy his parents. She agrees to this as well as takes him to see Senior Gutknecht (Michael Gough), the kindly ruler of the abyss, to send him and Emily temporarily to the Land of the Living. As soon as back residence, Victor asks Emily to wait in the forest while he scampers to see Victoria and also admit his desire to wed her as soon as feasible, to which she gladly returns his sensations. Equally as they will discuss a kiss, Emily gets there as well as sees both of them together as well as, really feeling betrayed and also harmed, madly drags Victor back to the Land of the Dead. Victoria tells her parents that Victor has been forcibly wed to a dead lady, however they think she has shed her mind and also secure her up in her room. She escapes her space by home window as well as rushes to Galswells to locate a method to help Victor, however fails. With Victor gone, Victoria's parents make a decision to marry her off to a presumably rich novice in the area named Lord Barkis Bittern (Richard E. Give), who appeared at the wedding celebration rehearsal, against her will.
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Emily is heartbroken by Victor's deception. Victor, nonetheless, excuses lying to her, as well as both reconcile while playing the piano together. Shortly after, Victor's just recently deceased household coachman appears in the afterlife and notifies Victor of Victoria's upcoming marriage to Barkis. In order for their marital relationship to end up being valid, Victor has to duplicate his vows in the Land of the Living and also voluntarily consume alcohol the Wine of Ages, a poisonous substance - hence joining her in fatality. Overhearing this, as well as fretting concerning having shed Victoria to one more male, Victor accepts crave Emily. Every one of the dead go "upstairs" to the Land of the Living to carry out the wedding ceremony for Victor as well as Emily. After their arrival, the town erupts right into a momentary panic up until every living person recognizes each other's loved ones from the dead and they have a jubilant reunion under the bizarre circumstances.

After a quarrel with Barkis (and understanding he was only after her meant money), Victoria follows the procession of dead to the church. Emily notifications Victoria and also recognizes that she is rejecting Victoria her possibility at happiness the same way it was swiped from her. As Victor prepares to drink the mug of toxin to eliminate himself, Emily quits him and reunites him with Victoria. Barkis interrupts them, as well as Emily acknowledges him as her former future husband - that is exposed to be the one who killed her for her dowry. Barkis attempts to kidnap Victoria at sword factor, however Victor quits him and both guys battle. The dead townspeople are unable to interfere with the affairs of the living. Emily intercedes to conserve Victor as well as Barkis mockingly recommends a toast to Emily, declaring she was "constantly the bridesmaid, never ever the new bride." He unknowingly consumes the cup of toxin. The dead, currently able to intercede, gladly drag the "new kid on the block" back to the Land of the Dead for vengeance for his crimes. Victoria, now a widow, is again able to wed Victor.

Emily establishes Victor free of his vow to marry her, offering the wedding ring back to Victor and also her wedding event arrangement to Victoria before going out the church. As she steps into the moonlight, she changes into numerous butterflies, presumably locating peace, as Victor as well as Victoria look on wrapped in each various other's embrace.

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